Triple Hydration Face Therapy Exfoliating Tonic Peel – 108ml 3.65 oz

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What is included:

  • Lily Herbceutical’s Lily’s New Age Energy Facial Peel (108 ml, 3.65 fl.oz)

What it is:
The unique Lily Herbceutical’s Triple Hydration Facial Peel is exclusively developed to help provide ultra-gentle and effective exfoliation without harsh acids, scrubs or enzymes. Results are phenomenal!
Who it is for:
This facial peel is suitable for everyone.
What it does:
Unlike any other peel on the market there is no redness or irritation during the peel process, yet the results are more significant. This Tonic Peel exclusively developed to provide ultra-gentle, effective, exfoliation without harsh acids, scrubs or enzymes. Pure natural coconut water constitutes the product base, added a group of natural Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines include powerful brightening ingredents to react to the pH that create a “lift and roll” exfolating mechanism. Peptides and Hyaluronic acid together that clinically proven to exfoliate, hydrate, protect, brighten and condition your skin in the most effective way to reveal smoother, brighter and more radiant skin while maintaining optimum moisture level
Suggested to use 1 to 3 times a week. Must be applied on dry skin • Pour a generous amount of this tonic peel into your palm and directly massage onto your dry face. • Gently massage onto your whole face for a few minutes, then, either rinse off immediately with warm water or apply the body cleanser (not included), and then rinse off all the debris • After dry, apply your anti-aging beauty fluids, serum and cream (not included)

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